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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Did you know that February has been a sad month for the UK over the years.

It’s the month that the powers that be decided that when we join the European Economic Community (aka EEC) the public would prefer to do away with stupid pounds, shillings and pence and convert the pound into a 100 bits instead of 240 bits and I think the idea then occurred to them that feet, inches, yards, and miles would also confuse non-natives. Shall we also think about doing away with another daft idea called English because it’s so flexible to the extent of using those foreign words to augment our language without even paying a royalty fee. No wonder they hate us!

Another year brought forth moving our time from GMT to continuous double summertime. But that was really taking the idea of making life easy for foreigners and the Brits dug their heels in just to make it easy for them. No doubt changing to driving on the right was a step to far.

Just to make your day, we also got married in February - it was cold and foggy and just to add to the misery, we lost two hours and been trying to make it up ever since without any success I should add.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

And it came to pass, that yesterday we noticed, as if by magic, a nice shiny new ‘poo bin, to replace one that for some reason was removed to carry out the works on the corner. We did ask for a larger one but the thinking must go along the lines that the space for vehicles to pull over and deposit their rubbish, take that phone call or just sit and eat their lunch is now reduced so not enough space for their rubbish in a small bin. Little do they know about motorists! Once it gets full, they will simply just chuck it out of the window or to spread it about, drive away and use the wide verge like wot they used to. One of the real benefits of country living I’ve found. Not even the abundance of moles will stop them.

Spring is almost here, so the walkers will be out in their numbers trying to find their way about. You think I’m joking, just this morning whilst walking the hounds, a man came over the bridge from the estate the other side of the A6 and wondered off down the path. For some reason he must have thought it was a short cut to the big metropolis of Birstall. He was then seen coming back from the short length that goes to the school and went off in the direction of Wanlip. On getting to the corner had to decide whether to turn round, go back up the side of the field (aka public footpath) or risk carrying on along the new path beside the woods into the unknown. He reached the road and spotted Birstall in the distance so set off in that direction. I suppose it beats the Japanese couple I met a couple of years ago who were following the instructions on their smartphone and still got lost on their way to East Midlands airport (the Skylink bus goes along the A6).

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Here we are again with the press suggesting that all will be well by July, Shops etc will be open in June, visiting relatives in March providing you have paid for a virus test and schools also in March.

All the above depends on suspect data, of course! With my best thinking cap on I thought of all the implications if all the cunning government plans actually came about.

Let’s start with the £100 virus test - that’s enough to stop a lot of people or simply just not have one which comes to the next part of their plan. Our relatives are 100+ miles away (couldn’t find anywhere further at the time) so I jump into my new legal electric car all fully charged and just get to the nearest one (good job we didn’t take the caravan!), pop in to see every one and then the return journey has to be broken by ‘charge and coffee’ breaks several times so the 2 hour journey turns into 10 hour journey back. Not a trip intend doing again but I expect Boris thinks the clock will be turned back with replacement vehicles available every few miles, so coaching stops will become vehicle stops, it makes you wonder what Boris will do? Of course we could always go by train except Mr Beeching put paid to that being any easier when a previous conservative government had the cunning plan to get everyone moving around by car instead.

On a brighter note after a couple of days our nice new bright red ‘poo’ box is just about overflowing!       

There will be more, never fear! (I suppose you should, really).