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Monday, July 26, 2021

It seems most down south have had a little rain, please send a little up here as the grass is started to get brown patches where our sweet little girl does a wee prior to our massive boy has to mark it as she is his. We’ve had it before up here and I can only remember a couple of times with a similar problem in the 40 odd years we were at our old place.

We had our first visitors since March 2020 so it was nice to have conversations with outsiders and find out what’s been happening out in the real world. Apparently they have a virus problem and shops are struggling like our nearest ones. These little problems generally pass dead and alive places like Wanlip which simply doesn’t bother with pubs, shops, buses or even a village green although we have a church and village hall, both closed but we have had a couple of deaths due to old age.  

Monday, July 19, 2021

I’m afraid I’m still here sheltering in our spare room which is at the front of our property and faces north complete with about 10° less heat as it’s currently 94 outside and 84 in our normal day areas.

The dogs are doing their best to keep cool with the lad sprawled out on the tiled kitchen floor (northern side) and the trouble maker alternating lying below the fan, then going outside to lie in the sun! then return to edge of the cool air produced by the fan - repeat every 10 minutes - stupid dog.

Since my stroke my temperature control stopped working but I’m still here to annoy.

Yesterday something very annoying happened. While the dogs were playing away in a park somewhere between Peterborough and Spalding,someone bought our bed-settee that we’ve had on e-bay for months. It would not be so bad if I hadn't been using it to watch the grand prix in the ‘cool’ room. Then they actually came to collect it while I was sitting on it. So I’m here doing this on a little portable sitting on a camping chair trying to get comfortable. What do you mean you have no sympathy? You wait until you have your 30 year old bed settee nicked from under you before you even see the end of the British grand prix

Monday, July 12, 2021

OK, what happened to last week? I have no idea apart from both lawns got mown, I think we have blocked off the local rabbit population access although I noticed a mole hill in the verge across the road this morning which may result in trouble.

We toddled off to Catton Park for the weekend and like us a large amount came down on Tuesday but but the time we got there it was drying out but the river Trent was in full flow and competitors where warned not to allow either themselves are dogs to test the water. The odd bit of rain coupled with odd sunshine made a change from the usual effort of drying everything out at the end of each day.

It looks as though here though they were not so lucky with the footpath gaining washed out surface ‘dressing’ (I did tell them that the surface was not suitable for anything other than a relatively level base) but the maze crop has made great strides upward and onward (maybe the mole was simply taking shelter?). Anyway the task for today is to empty out the car and reorganise the caravan!

Saturday, July 3, 2021

More of d’wrain today, so I don’t think I’ll mow the lawn.

Yesterday was an exiting day with the morning trying to stop the rain getting in the new caravan (this is what happens with us for some reason, I spend my days fixing things that other people should do but that’s what keeps me out of trouble). So far the temporary fix has been successful!. It didn’t help poor old Andy yesterday afternoon as his battery lasted for a couple of sets (or 2 hours) before finally expiring after Monday and Wednesday’s discharge but he did better than I would have.

Looking out of the window just now, what do I see but dopey duck with his mate looking for a nesting site in our top lawn, however the guardians of everything that that moves should be inspected, were let out by she who doesn’t really want ducklings being threatened and they left somewhat hurriedly in the direction of the lakes just over the field behind us. It all happens up here in our little village (aka hamlet with about 152 residents and not a lot else).    

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Here I am, all on my own with no dogs, no wife, all because it seems the dog training world has suddenly believed Uncle Boris who says it will be all right in the end.

So today the infection rate for the last 24 hours has got to over 28000 and risen by 71% over the last week. So all will be alright, will it? Mind you, another report today says it’s all these unvaccinated school children who are causing the problem by being in ‘bubbles’ rather than being tested by a highly suspect method which appears to err on the safe side and suggests  you are infected ‘just in case’. Having said that there were queues at our local testing station this morning so expect lots more infections being reported over the next few days. It cannot possibly be caused by the Germans losing some sort of sporting event recently or can it?

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Andy Murray won his game at Wimbledon on Monday then the Germans lost a football match on Tuesday, so what can go wrong? Ah, I remember, I’ve been waiting since September 2020 for an appointment to see a consultant and had an appointment for Monday but in the usual way of these things it’s been put off to the other end of the month - maybe lucky then!

The nice new caravan now has a crack in a roof window so we hope it doesn’t rain before the manufacturers can get one and fit it before we go away. Otherwise just basic faults and problems that really should be sorted before delivery as they did know our special requirements such as we are not normal touring caravanners but actually go to places without any services and we have to be self contained such as electricity as in battery power to make things work. That is why we have to check stupid things like when tested in their workshop they use the battery rather than attaching the mains cable but they never listen.

The other exciting thing is had to ‘just have a look’ at a neighbours rental property as he started to complain the electrics didn’t work. Naturally it was not a ‘just look’, it was more an other example of standards in this part of the world and I suspect there is an unhappy landlord living next door,     

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Not only have the clouds returned but the grass has grown, the caravan is slowly being filled up with everything except the kitchen sink and everything has been tested that it works, but now I just have to ensure all works with the mains connected and well as the battery which sounds daft but these things are designed these days for using a site with electricity only we use a field where the nearest electricity is often about 100ft up strung between pylons and a rather high voltage, bit like water is often the other side of the field near the waste disposal point. I did have one problem connecting the gas as the cylinder was too far away from the gas inlet on the van so our flexible gas hose was too short so the opportunity was taken to obtain one longer and not needing a spanner to connect. Clever or what?

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Yet another cloudless sky and temperatures in the low 80’s so this morning the awning has dried, the strap I managed to snap has been replaced and the whole thing repacked and put back in car ready for getting wet when we go to Catton Park next.

Not only that but the top lawn has been mown but the slight leak on the heating has been repaired so all is well - so far!  


There will be more, never fear! (I suppose you should, really).